1/ Return & Refund Policy for PDF Textbook:

– We strive to achieve zero order mistake through an accurate and foolproof system of verification and purchase as follows. We have sufficient check points to ensure that the product is verified from all possible detailed characteristics before buying. All our products are digital downloads and hence not returnable. Access Code is not advertised to be included; therefore a return reason of “No Access Code” is not applicable. Drop class or any order mistake from user is also not applicable. Descriptions are all clear so that any misunderstand with physical goods will not be entertained.

– We only accept Return & Refund for these cases below:

  • Customers make duplicated orders by accident. We will issue the refund for one of them.
  • The eTextbooks are MISSING important contents.
  • The eTextbooks are NOT as described.
  • We also accept refund only if the item is NOT downloaded from your account. This refund will be VOIDED if the item is already clicked for download.

2/ Important Note about Refund Process:

– The refund amount will be credited back to your payment methods within 3 to 5 business days.

– If your transaction is suspicious and is declined due to our fraud prevention, any pending charge will be reversed back to your card in 3-5 business days.

3/ Process to initiate the Returns and Refunds:

  • Send email to our support email: with subject: Return #99999 your reason (#99999 is your number order, your reason is the reason you want to return the order) and the content of the email please describe in detail the reason you want to return the order (MISSING important contents, NOT as described …)
  • We will check information from your email within 6 hours after receiving the email from you. We will then reply that you have been accepted to return and refund your money or not?
  • In case we accept your return reason. We will notify you via email and you will receive your money within the next 1-3 days.

4/ Policy for late/missing Returns and Refunds:

In the case of 1-3 days after you receive the email agree to refund your money from us and still do not see the money in the account you have paid us. This seems to be an error from the payment gateway, you can contact your bank to ask about the refund and please feel free to contact to our support via email. We will check your money and if it has not yet been refunded I will make a refund to you as soon as we receive an email from you.